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Friday, March 22, 2013

How To Remove "Powered by Blogger" From Your Blogspot

On : 12:57 PM
Hi Friends Now by this post you can easily Remove  "Powered by Blogger"

Follow The Below Steps:
01.Go to the Blogger Deshboard.
02.Click on the Template than Click on the Edit HTML.
03.Click on the Expand Widget Templates.
04.Now Press Ctrl+F and Search "Attribution1"

05.Change the above red color code and inplacement of true you give false 
<b:widget id='Attribution1'locked='true'  title='' type='Attribution'/>

06.Now save the template.
07.After that go to the page element and remove the Attribution gadget.

Ok, You Have Finish your Job now See you blog and enjoy it.
If any one face problems comment below....